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  • More BeautifulCreated from the real life stories of breast cancer survivors this DVD and CD set is support and encouragement for the woman going through breast cancer and provides understanding for the husband and family who love her. NEW! A Discussion Guide is now available! Written by Kathleen Brooks, Master Certified Christian Life Coach; A unique resource for women’s groups, small groups, families, counselors; includes a section for men and caregivers, and a section for young women battling cancer. The DVD includes interviews with breast cancer survivors, ‘Wildest Ride on Earth’ music video, and other behind-the-scenes footage. The CD includes songs, poetry, and an affirmation. >> Read more
  • tellmewhatyouseeTell Me What You See is a beacon, a life raft…and it is an interpreter. It’s for everyone who has ever been dissatisfied with their body, their looks, themselves. And it’s for their families and friends who don’t know how to love them. It provides the hammer, the chisel… whatever tool is necessary so that imprisoned woman can begin to break out of her prison. It is a gateway to recovery, to health, and freedom. A discussion guide is available for use with small groups. >> Read more
Music for the Soul welcomes you…
We all build walls to shield ourselves from deep pain, guilt, and shame. Music has a beautiful way of seeping through those walls to open the heart so a message of hope and healing can enter in.

Start your healing journey with Music for the Soul today by choosing one resource that resonates with you, and experience the power of music. We pray that you will be blessed today!