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  • B2B FrontCoverBroken To Bless is a collection of songs that share the heart of the founder and director of Music for the Soul, Steve Siler. The songs are about God’s love meeting us in difficult places and about the opportunity we have as followers of Christ to be a blessing in the lives of others. Titles include Not too Far from Here, Innocent Child, Beatitudes, and The Apology. >> Read more
  • The ApologyIn 1994 Michael Cusick began a journey of recovery from sex addiction. In the process he became heartbroken at the realization that “we live in a world where women are treated as if their only real value is to gratify men’s sexual desire” In 2013 Michael wrote A Plea to Women for Forgiveness. When I read it I immediately felt the need to share his sentiments in song.   We now offer The Apology as a response to the sexism and wounding women have experienced at the hands of men. If you’ve been personally wounded Michael and I hope this song will meet you wherever you are on the healing journey. For men, we hope this song will make you ... >> Read more
Music for the Soul welcomes you…
We all build walls to shield ourselves from deep pain, guilt, and shame. Music has a beautiful way of seeping through those walls to open the heart so a message of hope and healing can enter in.

Start your healing journey with Music for the Soul today by choosing one resource that resonates with you, and experience the power of music. We pray that you will be blessed today!