About Us

Founded in 2001, Music for the Soul is a community of professional musicians, therapists, pastors, and ministry leaders committed to offering life-giving resources to those whose hearts are hungry for understanding, self-worth, wholeness, and peace.

Using songs, we tackle life’s toughest issues in ways that can be heard, remembered, and revisited. Each song is crafted with input from those who’ve suffered through the hurt, as well as professional counselors and clergy. The results are honest and real, offering a path to healing and the promise of hope.

We pray our resources will be a blessing to you and the ones you love.

Meet Steve

Founder and Director Steve Siler is a Dove Award winning songwriter who has long had a heart for the hurting. In 1990 he was co-creator of I Can’t Talk about It, a stage musical on the topic of childhood sexual abuse. The experience changed his life and planted the seed that eventually led to Music for the Soul. Siler has had over 500 of his songs recorded in the Christian, pop, and country markets.

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We envision a world where there is increased understanding of the power of a song to change a life. We see Music for the Soul playing an important leading role in providing world class, music-based resources for use by individuals, clergy, and therapeutic professionals.


Our mission at Music for the Soul is to create songs that bring hope, healing, and freedom to those in deep pain. We want our listeners to know that there are people who understand and care about what they are going through. And that God understands and cares.

Our Beliefs

We believe that Jesus is the compassionate healer who loves each of us unconditionally and is always with us, especially in our times of darkest despair.

Bono says, “Music is the language of the spirit.” We agree. We believe that songs, combining both words and music, are the most profound form of communication there is, often expressing what cannot be expressed in words alone.

“Our God is the One whose promise to us is that there is no fire so hot, no darkness so deep, no pit so low, no cross so painful that God will not move heaven and earth to share with us.” Rev. Stacy Rector

Board & Staff

Our Board and Advisory board consists of women and men from a wide range of professional fields including therapists, clergy, and business professionals. Each board member is a committed Christian and a music lover, with a heart for the wounded among us.

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The songwriters, singers, musicians, and recording technicians who perform on the Music for the Soul recordings are professionals in their chosen field. They bring their very best to these recordings, regularly expressing their gratitude for the opportunity to use their God-given talents to bless others.

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