Dignity is for busy caregivers who find it difficult making time to schedule one more thing, yet need encouragement and support and, most of all – to feel understood. Listening to Dignity is like sitting in the company of a friend who knows your heart and has walked where you have walked; who knows your trials and blessings, joys and tears, and your fears and sorrows.


The accompanying study guide- with devotions, scriptures, and questions for each song –brings understanding and comfort. A wonderful resource for leading a caregiver support group!


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Photo of David Angell
David Angell
Photo of Shelly Beach
Shelly Beach
Board Member

Shelly is a Christy Award winning author of seven books, including Hallie’s Heart; Precious Lord, Take My Hand: Meditations for Caregivers; Ambushed by Grace: Help and Hope on the Caregiving Journey, and The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk. She was also one of three writers for The NIV Stewardship Study Bible. 

Shelly speaks throughout the nation on a wide range of topics and ministers in the nation’s prisons with Daughters of Destiny prison ministry.

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John Catchings
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David Davidson
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Daphne Delva
Vocalist and Speaker
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Corey Emerson
Songwriter, Vocalist, Video Producer
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Felicia Farerre
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Alan Fey
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WT Greer
Nan Gurley
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Darrell Harris
Ann Harrison
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Ken Lewis
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Dwight Liles
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