“I use Music for the Soul in my office. This music isn’t just music. I use Music for the Soul in both individual and group therapy sessions with abuse/trauma survivors with at times astounding results…especially with dissociative clients.

It speaks directly to the hearts and souls of victims of trauma and their emotional pain. I highly encourage those in the counseling profession to try Music for the Soul and the power of right brain therapy techniques. It will change your practice and the way you conduct therapy. Most importantly it will change your clients.”

Victoria Kepler Didato MA, LPC,LSW, DAPA

AT MUSIC FOR THE SOUL one of our primary goals is to serve you by providing quality resources that can help your clients who are struggling with life-challenging issues, and create new opportunities for them to engage more fully in the therapeutic process. Created with the input of Christian therapists, pastors, and Christians who have real life experience with the issue at hand, our resources have proven to be effective in therapy for eliciting an emotion, breaking the ice, overcoming denial, softening a resistant heart, and helping process and reinforce a message.

Our CDs, DVDs, and discussion guides are being successfully integrated into therapeutic practice in individual counseling, group therapy sessions, and in conferences, topical retreats and workshops.

We pray they will be a blessing in the life of your practice!

These resources are additional tools in the therapist’s toolbox:
– To help build trust while establishing the therapist-client relationship
– To open a discussion
– To melt walls of defense and denial
– To build a bridge of empathy and understanding between the therapist and client
– To create a safe place for the client
– To suggest as “homework” to encourage journaling
– To offer as a take home piece for continued listening and to help reinforce and retain what is discussed in session
– To be used as stand alone pieces when starting a new group to give participants a sense of direction and hope, and something to work towards

Important Notes!

Self-disclosure, when appropriate, has become easier for the professional through the use of these resources. Additionally, sometimes clients find it difficult to read and retain information when they are dealing with issues of deep pain. Often, those who are finding it hard to concentrate on the written can close their eyes and allow a song to wash over them. We encourage you to be creative in your use of the Music for the Soul resources. We often receive feedback from others who have used these materials in new and inventive ways.

Please let us hear from you about new and interesting ways you have incorporated our resources into your ministry or practice, or breakthroughs you’ve had as a result of using these materials.

God bless you as minister and servant.

Download PDF: How to Use Music for the Soul