Music for the Soul is a donor funded ministry. Please consider making a donation to keep the music coming!


Circle of Friends

How would you like to be part of helping create something that will share the hope and healing of Christ both now and for years into the future? That’s what you are doing when you become part of the Music for the Soul Circle of Friends.

Music is a renewable resource. What do I mean by that? Every time a song is heard by someone for the first time it is new all over again! So, yes – your support helps us create and record a song that will bring hope and healing today. But you are also helping to create a life saving moment for someone ten, twenty, or even fifty years from now! Because every time that song is heard by a new person, ministry will happen anew! In this way, your gift will continue giving for years to come!!

And there’s something else! Think of the songs of faith that have been meaningful in your own life. Every time you hear them you are moved once again. The same is true with Music for the Soul. If one of our songs has been a meaningful part of someone’ s healing, that person can return to it again and again as a sustaining source of deep comfort and encouragement.

You can join our Circle of Friends by becoming a monthly giver. Contact us for information.

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