Christian Counselors

Since songs, through lyric content (left) and melody (right) engage both hemispheres of the brain, our resources have proven to be effective in creating new opportunities for therapy clients to engage more fully in the therapeutic process.

Our songs, videos, and discussion guides – all with content created with the input of professional Christian therapists – are being successfully integrated into therapeutic practice in individual counseling, group therapy sessions, and in conferences, topical retreats and workshops.

We pray they will be a blessing in the life of your practice!

“I highly encourage those in the counseling profession to try Music for the Soul and the power of right brain therapy techniques. It will change your practice and the way you conduct therapy. Most importantly it will change your clients.”

Victoria Kepler Didato MA, LPC,LSW, DAPA


The Soul Care Starter Kit is a great and affordable way to begin utilizing our songs, videos, and discussion materials with your congregation.

We are in the process of creating USER GUIDES to give therapists suggestions on how to uses specific songs with clients. Click below to download the guides for our full length projects by title:

Mercy Great Enough Therapist Users Guide


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