Schedule Steve Siler


An Evening of Soul Care

Have Steve Siler come and share an evening of healing songs and stories that touch the heart and share the compassion of Christ. Steve will coordinate with your church or organization’s leadership ahead of time to create a program that will minister to the issues of interest to your group.


A Weekend of Healing Music & Stories

Friday Evening – Steve will present an intimate concert in a home setting for your pastoral staff and lay leadership. This is a special time set aside for care and fellowship especially for the leadership of your congregation.

On Saturday during the day Steve will lead a class open to all members of your congregation. Select a topic from the class topic list below.*

Then, Saturday evening enjoy an evening of soul care as Steve shares songs and stories of healing with your congregation and the local community. People will be blessed and reminded that they are beloved as Steve shares the heart of God for his people.

Steve would love to stay and worship with your church family on Sunday. If desired, have Steve present a song in the service.

Contact Ambassador Speakers
at 615) 236-3230 or
today to schedule Steve for your church or group


Schedule Steve for your conference or retreat, to be a guest teacher for your college class, or be a guest on your TV or radio show

Steve Siler, founder and creative director of Music for the Soul, producer and songwriter, addresses topics of music and ministry in a variety of ways to a variety of groups – from churches and pastors, to musicians and college students, to therapists and counselors.

Siler, a Dove-award winning songwriter, has thirty years of professional experience writing music, as well as singing, speaking, TV and radio interviews. He has been leading conference sessions, such as the ‘Write About Jesus’ conferences for twelve years.

He has spoken at church conferences around the country, such as the American Association of Christian Counselors and Iron Sharpens Iron.

Contact Ambassador Speakers
at 615) 236-3230 or
today to schedule Steve for your conference,
to teach a class, or to appear on your program

* Class Topics:

The Healing Power of Music
God has wired our brains to receive messages through songs and stories. Learn the brain science behind the power of a song and why lives are transformed by music.

Ministry without Permission
Ever thought of being in ministry? This is a session where Steve explores a number of the challenges, sacrifices, and rewards of being in ministry and lays out how a person can discern whether a ministry path is right for them. Listening, prayer, goal setting, family relationships,
networking, mentoring, service, dreams, and miracles are discussed.

Not Just Vertical: Re-thinking Music’s Role in the 21st Church
This session is a discussion of ‘horizontal worship’ and the life-changing impact different types of songs can have in congregational time and other aspects of church life. The role of hymns and contemporary worship choruses is also discussed.

Steve can do a class on the ABCs of Songwriting or a class for more advanced writers looking to hone their craft.

Do you have some aspiring lyricists in your group?
Maybe you have some folks who would like to write melodies.
Perhaps it’s a combination of the two.

Let Steve know the level of your group and the area of interest and he will tailor-make a presentation for your group.

How Do You Write a Song about That?
How do you write a song about suicide? How do you write a song about assault? In this session Steve discusses the craft of writing songs about painful and difficult topics from a Christian perspective. Examples are given and songs are included.

Let’s Write a Song Together!
This is an incredibly fun exercise where all the people in the room write a song together. Each person gets the opportunity to provide lyric, melody, and harmony ideas and the group composes a complete song and records it so that everyone can take home an original song on which they are a co-writer! You need not ever have written a song to participate. Just bring a love for music.

NOTE: Steve can do a class presentation focusing on any one of our full-length Music for the Soul resources.

For example:

Somebody’s Daughter: A Time for Courage
An honest evaluation of the sexualized world our children are growing up in, this session equips the church and men’s groups to respond to our ‘pornified’ culture by offering solutions and suggestions for a meaningful church response any congregation can accomplish.

Dignity: A Musical Journey to Encourage Caregivers
This presentation encourages and supports those who are walking the difficult path of care giving – and helps prepare those who will have to walk on one side or the other one day; in other words, most of us!

Just let Steve know which project in the catalogue is of greatest interest to your group!



“I couldn’t be more pleased with the Healing Weekend we experienced with Steve Siler and Music for the Soul. We used Steve to be the beginning of a healing series  our church began recently and the impact was more than I imagined. Steve has a unique God given ability to connect with people in an intimate way through music and I would highly recommend having him minister at your church or event.”

Pastor Eric Myers. Pollock Pines Community Church
Pollock Pines, CA

“I have not seen anything more effective in modeling the nature of the love God has for us.”

Rev. John Feldhacker, Minister of Congregational Care
West End United Methodist Church
Nashville, Tennessee

“Steve’s presentation reaches beyond the surface reminding us that our circumstances matter to God and allows us to drink in the life-changing power of Christ through music and spoken word. “

Mandie Pinto
Worship Leader
Real Life Church
Valencia, California

“Steve has a gift for crafting songs and stories into a profound worship experience.”

Dr. John Opsata
Senior Minister
First Christian Church
Frankfort, Kentucky

“Steve Siler blessed our church and our community immensely, boldly and tenderly bringing healing and hope through the gift of music. I would highly recommend having Steve come and present to your church“

Rev. Donna Giver Johnson
Community Presbyterian Church of Ben Avon
Sewickley, Pennsylvania

“I knew it would be good. But I didn’t know it would be this good!”

Pastor Scott Gamel
New Hope Christian Fellowship
Flora, Indiana

Please contact for speaking/teaching inquiries.