April 25th, 2019

Dear Mr. Kraft,

You’ve been granted a rare opportunity. If ever there was a chance to take a personally embarrassing situation and use it to help literally millions of people, this is it.

A video, allegedly showing images of you at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa, was taken as part of an investigation targeting a prostitution ring suspected of human trafficking. Your attorneys, predictably, have been fighting to keep the video from being released. Apparently they will do so again at a hearing on Friday. But whether they are successful or not the cat is already out of the bag. The longer they fight the longer the story will stay in the news.

Reports indicate you’ve rejected a plea deal that would result in all charges being dropped. If you’re guilty, rather than pouring so much time, energy, and money into trying to suppress the story I’d like to suggest that there is another option that would result in a much more favorable outcome.

Mr. Kraft, beat the prosecutors to the punch. Take responsibility. Then lay out your plans to become a leader in the fight to end sexual exploitation.

Millions worldwide are affected by sexual exploitation and trafficking. While unknown to many Americans, trafficking is a tremendous problem right here in the United States.  Education and awareness are needed. Legislation that reflects an understanding of the complexity of the issue is needed. A change in the attitudes and the hearts of American men is needed. You could help with all of that.

You’ve already earned a legacy through your success with the Patriots. I believe that legacy would pale in comparison to the legacy you could have were you to bring your influence and significant financial resources to bear on behalf of the sexually exploited. Your involvement could lead to real change resulting in freedom and healing for many trapped in a world of abuse and pain.

To honor the league’s personal conduct policy NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will be forced to fine and/or suspend you. Again, why not take the initiative?  The NFL has had its own problems on the issue of treatment of women. Reach out to Mr. Goodell and suggest a partnership between yourself and the NFL encouraging the league to use its worldwide media presence to shine a light on the issues of sexual exploitation and trafficking.

 This would be a win for the NFL, a win for you, but most importantly a win for the millions directly affected by trafficking and exploitation.

You’ve been thrown for a loss. But this can be the moment of your greatest victory.

Please sir, carry the ball.

Steve Siler, Nashville, TN

Co-Founder of She’s Somebody’s Daughter
Executive Producer of Somebody’s Daughter: A Journey to Freedom from Pornography

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