Miracles are Ordinary Things

Miracles are Ordinary Things

This coming Sunday will mark the 15th anniversary of the founding of Music for the Soul.

When I finally decided to answer the call to start Music for the Soul back in 2000 the reaction was predictable. My dad said, “Are you sure you want to do this?” My publisher said,” I think you’re crazy but if you really want to do that I’ll support your decision.”

Most of the responses were along the same lines. Interestingly, it was people who didn’t know me well, or at all, who were the most supportive. The one notable exception was my wife.

When I told her I felt God was calling me to leave my comfortable long-time arrangement with Word Music to jump off the cliff into the great unknown of ministry she said three very big small words. “Go for it.”

Since my income was our family’s sole source of support at that time her response was a faith-filled one that to this day blesses me to my core.

God was gracious with affirmation literally from the first day that I made the decision to follow God’s call.

The morning after I told my wife what I was planning to do a woman came forward and joined our church. When the pastor introduced her he said, “Jenny helps philanthropists and non profit organizations dialogue.”

I thought to myself, “Well, of course she does.”

Later that week I met with Jenny and she gave me two legal pad sheets of instructions on how to start a not for profit organization. One year later, in December 2001 Music for the Soul was incorporated.

That was the first of what has been a string of many, many miracles. You start an organization like this and you think you know what it is going to take. But you’re wrong. If anyone really knew they would never stat one. I imagine it’s kind of like having a baby. If women really knew how painful it was going to be none of us would be here.

I thought it would be hard doing Music for the Soul. It has been harder. I founded the ministry to help change people’s lives. I was not prepared for how much it would change me. I founded the ministry to bless others. I have been overwhelmed by the way that others have blessed me.

Early on in my ministry journey I was talking about the challenges of Music for the Soul with a new friend. He said, “Attempt something so great for God for that it be doomed to failure lest God be in it.”

Well, God certainly has been in it. The fact is Jesus is the music for the soul. Without Christ we have nothing to offer.

But you know what? What I’ve learned is that that’s true for all Christians on the journey of discipleship whether we have an official “ministry” or not. Each and every day we have the opportunity to share Jesus’ love and be a blessing in someone else’s life. God is in all of it. And that’s where the miracles are.

With Christ, the impossible becomes possible. We can do all kinds of things through Him who gives us strength. You don’t need to start an organization to experience that. I believe that anytime we earnestly seek to follow God’s will and be the hands and feet of Jesus then miracles are not far behind.

There is no such thing as a small gesture done as unto the Lord.
A prayer.
A cup of water
A kind word.
A song.
These are all great things.

Miracles are ordinary things done in the name of Christ.

Music for the Soul is fifteen years of small things done one day at a time. I give thanks to God for the people and relationships, for the prayers and hopes realized, and for the music He has allowed us to make and share.