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I’m excited and delighted to share with you that Music for the Soul has launched a new podcast. The official title is “Music for the Soul – Where Music, Hope, and Healing Come Together!”

For the last twenty years Music for the Soul has written and recorded songs designed to help people find hope and healing from the wounds in their lives. In creating this soul care healing song catalog our content has been inspired by the compassion of Christ and informed by the input of those who’ve experienced the issue at hand and those who counsel them.

When it has come time to record that content, I’ve been able to call on the incredible world class musical talent found in Nashville, TN. It was my good fortune to be a Christian staff songwriter there for a dozen years. Many of the people I formed relationships during that time have been invaluable creative contributors to Music for the Soul.

In retrospect, I don’t suppose that should be a surprise. But what has been a surprise and a source of deep joy are the relationships that have been formed with people outside my area of training and expertise. These professional healers have generously shared their knowledge and experience. In the process there has been a wonderful mutual respect that has resulted in some enduring friendships.

In our twenty year history no subject has ever been off limits at Music for the Soul. With the help of those mentioned above we have always written and sung honestly about the most difficult life challenges people face. Now, we are bringing that same transparency to podcast conversations with the aim of sharing content that will inform, encourage, and offer hope and opportunities for healing to our listeners.

Each episode will feature a conversation with a guest who will share with us their own story of how music has impacted their life. Of course, we will talk with the music creators – songwriters, producers, musicians, and singers. But we will also talk to the healers and helpers – Christian counselors, authors, pastors, and ministry leaders. And finally, we will also talk with those whose lives have been changed, or even saved, by a song.

Each podcast will feature a song which has been meaningful to the guest. We will learn how songs can be a lifeline through hearing stories of lives changed and of breakthroughs experienced because of the power of a song. Often these songs will be from our own Music for the Soul catalog.

Though the topics are serious we will always make sure to sprinkle each conversation with some humor.

When envisioning the format of the podcast it was very important to me that both female and male perspectives would always be represented. That’s why I asked Becky Nordquist to host the podcast with me. Her passion for music, her passion for sharing the hope of Jesus, and her personal experience healing from sexual abuse, abandonment, infant loss, and depression in her own life made her the perfect choice. Becky is a light, bringing her warmth and compassionate heart to every conversation.

So ,who is the podcast for? It’s for music lovers. It’s for people who want to hear honest conversations about the most challenging issues people face. There will be episodes that touch on your own lived experience. And there will be episodes where you may think, “My friend needs to listen to this.” Either way, every episode will sensitively handle an important topic. Every episode will help a listener “out there” to know they are not alone.

New episodes will be posted every Wednesday. You can listen on our website at or wherever you get your podcasts. All of the episodes will be archived at our site so can always catch up on episodes you’ve missed. Or direct a friend to our site to listen to something you think would be meaningful for him or her.

Please join us as we celebrate music, healing, hope, and freedom!

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