Miracles are Ordinary Things

Miracles are Ordinary Things This coming Sunday will mark the 15th anniversary of the founding of Music for the Soul. When I finally decided to answer the call to start Music for the Soul back in 2000 the reaction was predictable. My dad said, “Are you sure you want to do this?” My publisher said,” […]

God Sees Nothing But 10s

God sees nothing but 10s. When I turned thirteen I began to have horrible problems with my complexion. I’d spend countless hours looking in the mirror, wishing it would say something different than it did. Like any other young person I wanted to fit in with friends. I wanted girls to like me. I would […]

Holiday Tips for Dementia Caregivers

Guest blogger Shelly Beach offers some helpful suggestions for those caring for a loved one with dementia this holiday season   The holidays offer an extra level of stress for dementia patient caregivers. The hustle and bustle of the season adds confusion to already challenging caregiving priorities. The following tips can help minimize anxiety for your […]

As Long as We’re Voting

  What is your favorite hymn of all time? What is your favorite contemporary worship song? One night, driving back to Nashville from a Write about Jesus songwriting conference in St, Louis, Tony Wood, Wendy Wills, and I spent four hours discussing – and singing – our favorite hymns. It was a blast. So, I […]

The Discipline of Peace

Some days it has made me angry. Some days it has made me sad. Some days it has made me deeply concerned. And according to a therapist I heard speaking recently, apparently it has made many across our nation – and even the world – feel stress. Of course I’m talking about the election. In one […]

RePost: You Can’t Care About Sex Trafficking

Because of all the discussion about the objectification of women going on over the past several days in our media, we are reposting these thoughts from Music of the Soul’s Steve Siler about the connection between sex trafficking and pornography. __________ Picture a river.  You and some friends are sitting on the grass enjoying conversation.  Suddenly you […]

It’s Just Words

The Bible is just words. Shakespeare, the Constitution, Walt Whitman.  Just words. Mein Kampf? Just words. As one who has had made his living carefully considering each and every word – how they affect one another and affect our thinking – I believe there is no such thing as just words. Words have power.  Words matter. When […]