Somebody’s Daughter

This six-time award winning DVD/CD set is a unique and groundbreaking resource for breaking free from pornography. The grace-filled DVD contains four compelling music videos, forty minutes of life-giving interviews, and eight vignettes. The companion 56 minute CD has nine original songs as well as nine spoken word pieces with scripture, poetry, personal testimonies, and more. Discussion guide is also available. The DVD now comes with Spanish subtitles.

NEW! An interactive guide for use with the the Somebody’s Daughter DVD and CD. Designed to help a variety groups take the next step on the journey to freedom from pornography; includes sections for men, couples, pastors, and youth.
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Somebody’s Daughter DVD/CD
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Somebody’s Daughter
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Somebody’s Daughter DVD/CD
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Somebody’s Daughter DVD/CD
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Somebody’s Daughter DVD/CD
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Somebody’s Daughter Experiential Guide
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Somebody’s Daughter
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Resource Contents Include
* Nine topic specific songs
* Personal stories
* Interviews
* Readings
* 1 Full-Length Documentary
* 4 Music Videos
* Printable Discussion Guide

Videos Included

Never Shake His Hand
Never Shake His Hand
Somebody’s Daughter Music Video


Somebody’s Daughter Documentary (Preview)


Losing Ground Music Video


“Free” Music Video


Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 1.28.35 PM

50 Prayers for our daughters and sons

Lord I pray that our daughters and sons…

1. …will be protected from exposure to pornography.

2. …will learn to honor the dignity and humanity of each individual and treat everyone with kindness and respect.

3. …will develop the inner compass to reject the distorted views of human relationship they see in our pornified culture.

4. …will grow up in a culture that increasingly rejects pornography in all of its forms.

5. …will learn to look to the best interests of others in romantic relationships, treating others the way they would wish to be treated.

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