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Natural Tweeting

Spring. There are lots of reasons to love it. Crisp blue skies after months of gray. Warm, short-sleeved days after months of wearing sweaters. Gardens bursting with vibrant new color after months of monochromatic brown. Swarms of ants coming in the house to get away from the rain. OK, maybe not the ants. But for […]

Miracles are Ordinary Things

Miracles are Ordinary Things This coming Sunday will mark the 15th anniversary of the founding of Music for the Soul. When I finally decided to answer the call to start Music for the Soul back in 2000 the reaction was predictable. My dad said, “Are you sure you want to do this?” My publisher said,” […]

As Long as We’re Voting

  What is your favorite hymn of all time? What is your favorite contemporary worship song? One night, driving back to Nashville from a Write about Jesus songwriting conference in St, Louis, Tony Wood, Wendy Wills, and I spent four hours discussing – and singing – our favorite hymns. It was a blast. So, I […]

The Discipline of Peace

Some days it has made me angry. Some days it has made me sad. Some days it has made me deeply concerned. And according to a therapist I heard speaking recently, apparently it has made many across our nation – and even the world – feel stress. Of course I’m talking about the election. In one […]

There It Is – The Gift of Excellence in Music

I started taking guitar lessons when I was eight years old. Almost immediately I began making up songs. (To say I was writing at that point may be a bit too grandiose of a characterization). Later, at eighteen, when I realized I actually wanted to become a songwriter I took up piano. To this day I’m […]

You Are Loved

Sometimes I marvel at this blogosphere that I am now participating in every week. Never have so many people pontificated on such a regular basis – and on so many diverse topics. I have always been opinionated. Ask my family. At the drop of a hat I will go on and on with passion about almost […]

Three Things Music Does Well

This weekend I went to a Toto concert.  For those of you who cared about music in 1982, you will probably remember the band sweeping the Grammy awards that year, wining seven including best album, best song, and best artist among others. For those of you who don’t – and who don’t even know who […]