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Share Your Story

If a Music for the Soul song or project has been helpful to you on your healing journey we’d love to hear from you. Your story just might be what someone else needs to hear!

If you’re a therapist or a pastor please share with us your success stories using our resources – and any new and creative ways you’ve used music to facilitate healing.

My husband Edward was diagnosed with a terminal disease. Shortly after that he told me about his pornography addiction. I felt so betrayed. I wasn’t sure I could stay with him. Then a friend gave me a copy of Somebody’s Daughter and I shared it with my husband. The DVD and CD helped him find freedom and gave me the understanding I needed to be supportive. Before the disease claimed his life, my husband was able to share what he’d learned and mentor our teenage sons on the dangers of pornography.


I served in Viet Nam as a fighter pilot. My two other buddies and I flew many missions together during the war. Then one day there was a horrible firefight and when it was over I was the only one of the three of us who survived. When I listened to Heroes Unsung I was suddenly overcome by feelings I had carried for over thirty-five years. I found myself at long last crying deep healing tears of grief over the loss of my friends. I felt the presence of God listening to this CD. Not in some remote way, but in a very powerful way.


I came across your website when I was at my wits end. I’ve been working as an EMT helping with the hurricane evacuees and disaster relief. Tonight I felt like ending my life. The pressure of my work and seeing all the devastation pushed me to the breaking point. But the music on After the Storm broke through and spoke encouragement to me. Your CD saved my life. I truly, truly needed you guys and you were there.


Listening to Tell Me What You See I felt like the girls sharing their stories were putting words to what I had never said out loud. I wish my family could have listened to this CD while I was going through anorexia. It would have given us a place to start a conversation and would have given me words for the things I couldn’t bear to speak myself about my addictions and control issues, and how they could help me. This CD is an interpreter.


After 62 years of marriage I lost my wife to a rare blood disease. I tried going to a grief support group but felt like everybody’s story was different and a lot of it didn’t apply to me. Drink Deep is something I can listen to over and over by myself and have my own thoughts. I listen to ‘No Such Thing as Normal’ at least five times a day. The words say exactly how I feel and it helps when I need a good cry.


I was a caregiver for my daughter with cancer. Dignity ministered to me even long after the loss of my daughter. Because my daughter died I felt like I’d failed her. I struggled for years with feelings of guilt. Listening to Dignity set me free from feeling like my daughter’s death was my fault. Your CD reassures me that even though I did my best to take care of my daughter, there was nothing I could do to keep her from leaving. Dignity is healing music for the soul and I thank you for it.


First I want to say thank you. As a woman delivered from a lifestyle of four years prostitution in the United States I’m so thankful for the raw truth of your song Child of God! It truly does speak right to the heart of where I was at that time in my life. Praise God today I’m a full-time missionary with Youth With A Mission. I talk with young women all the time in YWAM schools all around the world and often hear stories that involve some kind of sexual travesty whether it was being prostituted or sexually abused. I will use your song when speaking to these young people.


I’m a counselor in the Denver area. A few years back a couple came into my office and told me they wanted a divorce. They said they’d given it a lot of thought and they didn’t want me to try and talk them out of it. They said they were prepared to be amicable and just wanted me to guide them through the process. I said I would, but asked if I could play them one song first. I played Fifty Years from Now. When it was over they were in tears and asked me if I’d help them try and save their marriage. They’re still together! Your song saved that marriage!


Twenty-two years ago I was given a 2% chance to be alive in ten years. When someone gave me a copy of More Beautiful my response caught me totally off guard. Before I knew it I was sobbing.I thought I had cried all the tears there were for me to cry over my cancer. More Beautiful helped me to process unresolved pain that I didn’t even realize I was carrying. Although my tears were rooted in the painful experience of battling cancer for years, the result was a healing deep in my soul. In my opinion, More Beautiful comes from the hand of God.


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