More Beautiful

Created from the real life stories of breast cancer survivors this DVD and CD set is support and encouragement for the woman going through breast cancer and provides understanding for the husband and family who love her.

NEW! A Discussion Guide is now available! Written by Kathleen Brooks, Master Certified Christian Life Coach; A unique resource for women’s groups, small groups, families, counselors; includes a section for men and caregivers, and a section for young women battling cancer. The DVD includes interviews with breast cancer survivors, ‘Wildest Ride on Earth’ music video, and other behind-the-scenes footage. The CD includes songs, poetry, and an affirmation.

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Wildest Ride on Earth
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Resource Contents
* 8 MP3 Tracks
* Wildest Ride on Earth (Music Video)
* Behind the Ride – A Dream Meets Reality (Documentary)
* The First Ride- The Inspiration of More Beautiful (Video)
* Music video remix

Videos Included

Wildest Ride on Earth Music Video
Wildest Ride on Earth Music Video


“Behind the Ride” not pictured
“The First Ride – The Inspiration of More Beautiful” not pictured


More Beautiful – For Breast Cancer Survivors

Photo of David Cleveland
David Cleveland
Photo of David Davidson
David Davidson
Violin and Contractor
Photo of Corey Emerson
Corey Emerson
Songwriter, Vocalist, Video Producer
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Carole Huston
Photo of Meredith Siler
Meredith Siler
Photo of Michelle Swift
Michelle Swift
Photo of Nita Whitaker
Nita Whitaker
Vocalist and Speaker