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Words & Music by John Mandeville

I’m not fighting anymore
I stopped trying
Yeah I’ve burned all the ammunition that kept me at war

I’m not weary anymore
I’ve stopped trying
Trying to live up to expectations
That weren’t even mine

I’m free
Finally free
Oh I’m free from the pain and confusion
Thought I’d never be
Yeah I’m free
So free
Made my way through the lies and delusion
To this sweet release
I’m free

I’m not tortured anymore
Got no secrets
I’ve come clean with the dark obsessions
That haunted my life

I’m not lonely anymore
I’ve stopped hiding
Yeah I’ve opened my heart to the passion
That burns in your eyes


And I can’t explain
what you’ve done for me baby
with a love that dared to believe
with a love that really believes


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Years ago, I was looking into the eyes of our two daughters and I asked myself, “How could you continue to lust when these little ladies were given to you by God to follow in your footsteps.” I’m now listening to Free and I praise God that I’ve come to a place where I can declare, with God’s grace that I’m free.

Bill B., TN

I counseled a couple through the healing process for an entire year after the husband confessed to a struggle with pornography. At the end of the that time they decided to restate their vows in my office. They chose Free as the song to play during the ceremony.

Michael C., CO

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John Mandeville


John Mandeville

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CHAOS OF THE HEART How Could You DRINK DEEP Death Has Been Conquered FIFTY YEARS FROM NOW Songwriter, Co-Producer, & Percussion programming - Fifty Years From Now / Songwriter & vocal - Before God MUSIC FOR THE LITTLE SOULA Songwriter, programming, keyboards, producer All Songs SOMEBODY’S DAUGHTER Somebody's Daughter, Is It Me?, Into the Light, I Commit My Eyes / Songwriter & Backing Vocals - Every Man's Battle / Songwriter & Vocal - Free / Writer & Speaker - You Can Make It


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