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Another Mother’s Day

Another Mother’s Day
Words & Music by Marcy Each & Bev Herrema

Another Mother’s Day.… and you’d be almost three
Singing silly made-up songs and playing hide and seek
In Sunday School you’d plant a flower in a paper cup
Then bring it to me proudly and give me a great big hug
But it’s another Mother’s Day…
Without you

Another Mother’s Day…. and you’d be seventeen
Maybe you’d look just like me for all the world to see
Complaining that I’m way too strict, but then in the next breath
Telling me that I’m the best mom you could ever have
But it’s another Mother’s Day…
Without you

In church they sometimes ask the moms to stand while people cheer
But I’ll just sit in silence like I’ve done for all these years
I thought there’d be another chance, that time would heal the wound
But even though I’m standing in God’s grace…
I still miss you

Another Mother’s Day.… and you’d be thirty-five
Highlights in your hair and tiny laugh-lines by your eyes
Of course you’d come for lunch today with all the kids in tow
And we would sit for hours telling tales from long ago
But it’s another Mother’s Day
Without you

In church the kids are singing, “Jesus loves me, this I know”
I panic for a moment like I used to long ago
But then my Savior helps me breathe, He calms me through and through
And offers hope that one day by His grace…
I’ll be with you

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“Another Mother’s Day” had me in tears within the first few lines.  My husband and I just celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary and as we reflected on our years together, one of the things we talked about was how old our daughter would be if we hadn’t aborted her.  She’d be 36.  So, from the lyrics in the 4th verse I realized (and started to grieve) for the first time, the loss of grandchildren I would have had from her.  Wow…even with all the years of processing & healing I’ve been blessed to experience, the loss is still deep and it seems God has more healing for me.

Cindy C., Georgia

Beautiful…words, voice, and music! Speaks to the ongoing grief and loss…with a good dose of dependence on Christ thrown in.

Mary Comm, Author, Secret Sin: When God’s People Choose Abortion

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Bev Herrema


Bev Herrema

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MERCY GREAT ENOUGH Another Mother's Day


Marcy Each


Marcy Each

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DEAD HEARTS DON'T CRY Vocalist MERCY GREAT ENOUGH Songwriter, Vocalist, & Guitarist / Another Mother's Day THE NEXT RIGHT THING Vocalist, & Guitarist

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