When you watch the Somebody’s Daughter documentary or listen to the CD you hear from a lot of men. Four of the five people interviewed in the documentary are men. Men sing all four of the music videos. Thirteen of the fifteen voices heard singing or speaking on the CD are men. The documentary was filmed and produced by men. The songs on the CD were written and produced by men.

Somebody’s Daughter has won multiple awards. It has saved lives, marriages, families, and jobs. It has been endorsed by dozens of pastors, Christian therapists, Christian authors, and organizations like the American Association of Christian Counselors, Focus on the Family, and the American Family Association.

It has been translated into multiple languages and seen on six continents. Millions have heard songs from the CD on nationally syndicated radio programs in America, Australia, and Great Britain.

And the majority of the attention it has received was jump started by the belief and support of one incredible woman.

I first met Judi Reid at the American Association of Christian Counselors biannual world conference in Nashville, Tennessee. She paused at our booth on the exhibit floor where we had all of our resources on display. “What do you do?” she asked.

I explained how our ministry uses healing songs and stories to share the compassion of Jesus Christ with people in deep pain. To that time we had produced six CDs. We had also produced one DVD called More Beautiful for breast cancer survivors and their families.

After being given the brief tour of our catalog, Reid said, “I’ll take one of each.”

This was on a Thursday. The following Monday I was surprised when she called our office. She had spent the weekend listening to our material and was impressed.

“What are you working on now,” Reid asked.

I told her that we were planning to do a DVD based on the Somebody’s Daughter CD.

Unbeknownst to her I had been praying for God to bring us the budget for what was to be easily our most ambitious and expensive project.

“When is the next filming date?” she asked.

“We don’t have anything scheduled yet,” I replied, telling her the amount we would need before we could even think about putting a shoot together.

“Oh. I’ll send that today,” Judi responded.

I was so startled I literally said, “Ma’am?” I didn’t trust my ears.

“I’ll send that today,” she repeated.

Two days later I called Judi back to report that miraculously we had received a match for her gift. She then proved she was passionate about the project coming to fruition by sending a second contribution!

And just like that, the Somebody’s Daughter video was underway.


A Difference Maker

Even before I met Judi she had been courageously taking on the issue of pornography, creating resources to help women recognize the signs of spousal pornography use.

Her “Clues Alert Chart” provided forty-three clues women could look for if they suspected their husband (or boyfriend) was involved with pornography.

Reid is a difference maker: An author, a life coach, and an advocate for women. Her site womenofvalue.org is full of resources to encourage women to see themselves as “divinely designed” and “precious and priceless.” She now offers “private call” online groups and coaching to encourage and support women.

Judi earned her Life Coaching Certification from Life Breakthrough Academy, and she is a member of The Biblical Coaching Alliance. Her book Rise Up! 71 Thoughts of Hope & Inspiration for Women of Value has been an Amazon best seller.

In January of 2017 she appeared before the Virginia legislature in support of pornography awareness resolution HJ549. You can read about her experience here.

Through the years Judi has been a tireless champion of Somebody’s Daughter and of all of our other Music for the Soul healing resources helping women with issues of recovery. Among the resources Reid’s efforts have made possible are Tell Me What You See: Hope for Those with Eating Disorders, Mercy Great Enough: Finding Hope after Abortion and Dignity: Songs and Stories for Caregivers. She has also helped draw additional attention to the aforementioned More Beautiful.

God has sent many angels through the years to make the healing songs and ministry of Music for the Soul possible. But none has had a more profound or enduring impact than Judi Reid. She truly has a hand in every life Music for the Soul touches.

And as a divinely designed, priceless and precious child of God, she truly is Somebody’s Daughter!

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