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When watching a popular movie, the music always seems to fit with every aspect, the main character wakes up and is getting ready to an excited soundtrack, and we feel that excitement with that character. Two characters fall in love and we feel that love so deep. A character does something heartbreaking and the music moves us to feeling the pain with them. Music can move us deeper than a movie score. Music can change everything.

The power that music has can change more than just the popularity of a movie or the playlist on the radio. Music can change us from the way our brain works, to our mood, and to our very soul. These may sound like grandiose claims, but science has found that the music can do much more than just fill the silence. We’ve said before how music can help depression, but it can also affect how you think and view yourself and the world. It can also change healing and recovery processes.

Music and Mood

Studies have found that not only can music change your mood, but how you perceive the moods of those around you. Listening to happy music can make you read neutral faces around you as happy, and vice versa. Music can do much more than change your perception of moods, but it can also alter how your brain functions.

The genre of music has also been found to speak volumes about personality and personal feelings. Consistently listening to certain types of music can affect self-esteem as well as creativity and social interactions.  The type of music can also change how well you can relax and feel at ease with life.

Music and Healing

Ever notice that certain songs get you excited to get up and move? Some songs help you endure a hard work out session. Other songs seem to help you focus and stay zoned in on various tasks. It isn’t some crazy coincidence. Music can help your brain and your body overcome challenges.

Classical music has been proven to improve concentration significantly more than silence and white noise. Conversely, music can be a distraction in other situations. Different music can distract the brain from pain and exhaustion during a work-out and help your body keep going despite the challenge of the task.

Knowing how music can change emotions, personality and pain, can help aid the healing process. Using the right kind of music can change the way you feel about a situation. It can also help distract from pain or stress that your body may be feeling (if only for a little while). Music can also help you concentrate on other things you may be struggling with.

Using music, you can heal. You may be struggling with depression, grief, or any number of emotional and mental pain, but using inspirational music as a tool can help you start and continue the process of healing.

Using music can not only heal us but fill us with hope and help us look forward to tomorrow.

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