Our greatest joy at Music for the Soul is when someone tells us that they heard about us from a friend. It tells us that that one or more of our resources has been a blessing to you or someone you love.”If you would like to help extend the ministry of Music for the Soul there are a number of ways you can volunteer to spread the word.

In Your Community

Recommend Music for the Soul and our resources to your church, local hospital, counseling centers, support groups, and friends in your community. Use Music for the Soul songs and videos to accent topical speaking presentations. Sing Music for the Soul songs in nursing homes, hospitals, or other community settings.

Become a Soul Care Team Member!

Consider becoming part of the Music for the Soul ‘Soul Care Team!’   Our Soul Care Team members share Music for the Soul resources with their own community – both locally and online – in a variety of creative ways. It’s an exciting and fun way to be a part of the Music for the Soul team and see lives changed and blessings shared through songs, videos, concerts, and more!  E-mail us at info@msuicforthesoul.org or call us toll free for more information at 877-214-7703.

On the Internet

Consider sharing information about Music for the Soul with your friends through Facebook and Twitter. Or e-mail your friends about Music for the Soul. If you have a web site provide a link to Music for the Soul. Contact us for artwork you can use on your web page.

In Your Church

Speak to your pastor about carrying the Music for the Soul ‘Soul Care Kit’ in your church library.

If you have a counseling center in your church, tell the therapist in charge about Music for the Soul and our resources.

If you are a vocalist consider singing a Music for the Soul song in worship or as part of some other church presentation. In many cases sheet music and/or instrumental tracks are available. Contact us for more information.

Consider introducing Music for the Soul songs, videos, and study guides to Sunday school and/or support group leaders.

If you live in Nashville, TN

Music for the Soul is located in Nashville, TN. If you would be interested in helping with a mailing, working at a live concert event, or staffing an information table at a local conference or church presentation please contact us at 615-297-8297 or by sending an e-mail to info@musicforthesoul.org

If you see on our news page that Music for the Soul is coming to your community feel free to contact us about helping at an event.