At Music for the Soul one of our primary goals is to serve you, the church leader, by providing you with quality resources that can help those in your congregation who are struggling with some of life’s most challenging issues.

Created with the input of Christian therapists, pastors, and Christians who have real life experience with the issue at hand, our resources have proven to be an effective way for church leaders to respond to many difficult topics, both individually and corporately.

“Spot-on powerful music CDs and DVDs. Addressing tenderly, yet face-on, issues like grief, cancer, suicide, loneliness, eating disorders, porn and other addictions, these well-produced projects speak healing to the pain we all experience at one time or another in our own families and circles of friends. I would recommend churches keep a supply of these music collections on hand.”
– Gloria Gaither

Below are some of the many ways our songs, videos, and discussion guides are being successfully integrated into the life of the church. We pray they will be a blessing in the life of your congregation!

In Educational Settings as study materials for:
• Adult Sunday school classes
• Topic specific retreats
• Weekend workshops
• One Day topic intensives

As Training Tools for:
• Staff, lay leaders, and others who minister in your church

In Church Counseling settings as adjunct resources for:
• Individual counseling
• Group counseling sessions
• Church sponsored recovery groups or support programs
• A take home piece for message reinforcement

In a Congregational Setting as:
• A way to introduce “difficult” sermon topics such as pornography, suicide, or body image
• Part of topical multi-media presentations
• Part of original dramatizations
• Part of church music events
• An individual song in worship

Download PDF: How to Use Music for the Soul