Natural Tweeting

Spring. There are lots of reasons to love it. Crisp blue skies after months of gray. Warm, short-sleeved days after months of wearing sweaters. Gardens bursting with vibrant new color after months of monochromatic brown. Swarms of ants coming in the house to get away from the rain. OK, maybe not the ants.

But for me the best reason to love spring is the birdsong that fills every morning. It’s as if the birds are giving praise to God, singing a hallelujah chorus of gratitude for the mild temperatures, the fresh beauty of the season, and the promise of the new day!

I like to go out on the back porch first thing in the morning, cup of coffee in hand, to enjoy the concert. God is painting the eastern horizon with the sunrise in shades of lavender and pink that defy description. The air is cool and invigorating. Everything feels clean. I step on to the inviting bright green grass and my slippers soon grow wet with the morning dew.

But it’s the songs from the trees and the rooftops and the fence posts that capture my attention the most. I wonder how often in the cacophony of modern day society – with the sounds of traffic, airplanes, yard equipment, and our electronic devices – that we fail to hear this beautiful music being made all around us.

Birdsongs are a gift of joy, freely given. Their spirited improvisations can’t help but bring lightness to the day. In fact, I often become aware that I’ve been smiling as I listen. One time, when I was on vacation in Costa Rica, I was even made to laugh out loud, so riotously exuberant where the choruses of the exotic birds.

Of course birds aren’t the only of God’s creatures that know the importance of song.

We human beings have a special depth of experience unlike any other when we sing, play, and listen to music

Something rises up from deep inside us, profoundly giving voice to emotion through sound in ways that often express the inexpressible. Music can make us laugh, make us dance, and make us cry. It can make our hearts soar. And it can be a healing balm when our hearts ache.

Some days it’s hard to find a song to sing. Our voice seems to catch in our throat as we choke back the hurt. On those days, spend some time outside taking a walk or sitting quietly.

And let the birds sing your song for you